Domaine de Rochemond White 2018

Domaine de Rochemont blanc 2018

Price: 25.89$ BTL / 155.34$ BOX (6)

White wine, France, AOC Côtes-du-Rhône, Domaine de Rochemond white 2018, Philip family estate


Tasting notes

The pale color with gold reflections announces a delicate and elegant wine. It is subtly aromatic, offering scents of white flowers with notes of roses. In the mouth, the wine is silky, mellow and full-bodied yet light. Its sharpness contributes to its balance and persistent aftertaste.

Traditionally, this wine pairs well with fish, prawns, scampi and scallops or with white meat but it will also be extremely pleasant with goat cheese or with asparagus. Wines of the Viognier variety, aromatic and fruity, are well suited to accompany spicy Thai or Vietnamese cuisine. They are also a great companion to sushi and sashimi.

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