Domaine de Rochemond Red 2018

Domaine de Rochemond Rouge 2018

Price: 25.89$ BTL / 155.34$ BOX (6)

Red wine, France, AOC Côtes-du-Rhône Village, Domaine de Rochemond red 2018, Philip family estate


Tasting notes

In 2018, the Philip estate offers a balanced wine with scents of fruit (cherries and cooked strawberries, plum) and liquorice. The wine is well built on crisp tannins and concentrates around its fruity flavour.

Traditionally, this wine is appreciated with cooked meats (delicatessen) and with red meats, whether grilled or served with a sauce (pepper sauce, “boeuf bourguignon”). Nevertheless, it is also very well suited to accompany white meats.

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