Coravin vins corps et âme Ensemble de 6 Capsules d'Argon

Argon Capsules (6 pack)

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Coravin Capsules are specifically designed for use with the Coravin System, ensuring the perfect seal and the perfect pour every time. Pressurizing bottles with argon gas to pour wine a glass at a time, Coravin Capsules are the power source of the Coravin System, and a fundamental component of the Coravin Wine Access Technology. Each capsule has the capacity to pour up to fifteen 5 oz glasses of wine. Made in Austria.

Pure Argon
100% ultra-pure, medical grade Argon 5.0 is certified at its origin specifically for Coravin Pure Capsules.

Pure Performance
Patented cap and seal technology ensures Coravin Pure™ Capsules fit perfectly with our Systems’ safety mechanisms and will not leak, providing a perfect pour and peace of mind, every time.

Pure Quality
Each Coravin Pure™ Capsule is required to pass a multi-point, post manufacturing sensory inspection. This ensures the highest level of preservation and no impact to the taste of your wine.

•  Multi-Glass Capacity
Each capsule can serve up to fifteen 150ml glasses.


Height : 3.6"
Width : 0.875"
Weight : 1.85 oz, Gas - 0.23 oz