Food and wine pairing

The epicureans that we are, delight in good meat and great wines.

Of course, wine is best consumed as an aperitif, but mainly at the table, accompanying a dish, hence the importance of pairing them well.

A pairing is successful when the pleasure experienced causes the wine to enhance the taste of the food and vice versa and the sensations then explode in the mouth, giving us pure happiness and unforgettable moments.

How to achieve it?

As many wines as there are different dishes, there will be a wide range of possible pairings. However, to put the odds on our side, here are some basic rules or, if you prefer, some enlightening suggestions.

With foie gras, nothing beats a sweet wine like a Sauternes or a Barsac. (not necessarily a Château d'Yquem all the same.)

With seafood, a dry white wine as young as possible (sauvignon blanc, trebbiano, pinot grigio) or even yellow wine from the Jura.

With the fish, a fresh white wine, an entre-deux mers or a Riesling.

With sushi, a chilled white wine and dare the bubbles (champagne, prosecco, crémant, cava) surprising result.

With cheeses, generally with dry white wines (soft cheese and cream) but also with certain reds such as merlot, sangiovese, nebbiolo (blue) and syrah, touriganacional, cabernet sauvignon (cheddar)

With white meats such as chicken and duck, a light red wine such as Gamay, Grenache and Pinot Noir.

With red meats such as beef or lamb, a more full-bodied and full-bodied red wine such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Malbec and Touriganacional.

With the game, a rich, aromatic and fleshy red wine. It's time to get out your old bottles!

If the dish is simmered in a wine, ideally at the meal we serve a wine of the same type and if possible superior.

We hope that these few suggestions will be useful to you.

Hoping that you will experience magical moments by pairing your dishes with accomplice wines.

Share your discoveries and favorites with us, we will be happy to read you and share them with our friends and customers.

Henri IV said that: Good food and good wine is heaven on earth. We subscribe to it.

Enjoy your lunch!

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