How to conserve wine?

We previously talked about wine for aging. There is immense pleasure in knowing that your wine is improving and tasting it at different stages of its development. This obviously means buying a few bottles of the same vintage, preferably three to six. Your patience will be rewarded.

Create the right environment to store your bottles of wine

To keep it for many years requires a good environment. A dark, quiet and odorless place, good ventilation, humidity between 60 and 70%, constant temperature between 12 and 14 degrees.

Humidity at the right level will keep the cork healthy and will do the same with wine.

A dark place will limit exposure to bright light, and a quiet place will avoid unwanted vibrations.

The bottles should be kept lying down to keep the cork in contact with the wine and frequent handling can be avoided by storing bottles of the same type together. Red wine will be a few degrees higher than white wine.

Equipment needed to store wine

Obviously, not everyone has a wine vault, so there’s other options available. A cellar, with incorporated systems allowing adequate temperature and humidity as well as glazing protecting from UV rays, will be perfect. The price of these cellars obviously varies according to their capacity and their quality. You’ll shell out between $ 1,500 and $ 3,000 for a good one and up to $ 8,000 and $ 10,000 for a great one.

At a lower cost, the handyman in you can build a shelf for storing bottles or purchase one from a specialty retailer. In wood or metal with individual racks for each bottle (current model of eight floors of eight bottles) or in cubes that can contain several. This strategy is the least expensive. You will want to keep your wines at a higher temperature (stable at a maximum of 20 degrees) than in a cellar and for a shorter period of time, but you will have them on hand and in front of your eyes.

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