Wine Cellar

It is said that the end justifies the means or also that an invention
is the answer to a need.
It is the same for the cellar.
Nowadays, a wine cellar is a refrigerator cabinet used to keep
wines at an appropriate and stable temperature. If desired, two
different temperature zones can be used to cool
red wines and whites. This is what allows the wine to age well in peace,
vibration and sudden temperature changes. Through a window
tinted, your favorite wines will be protected from bright light.
The cellar provides conditions similar to those of a wine cellar
natural. It will allow your best bottles to evolve
slowly until they reach their peaks and will stay there
a few years.

It has not always been so, however. At the time the cellar
was a room in the house or castle designated for conservation
provisions, such as food and drink.
We used the term wine cellar if there were only wines and
alcohols. Nowadays, this period cellar looks like a bedroom
cold. Formerly, dug in the ground, in order to preserve the freshness
as well as a
stable temperature necessary for food preservation. We
still find some in our countryside, including on the Chemin du
Roy near Château-Richer in the Quebec region.
The wine cellar has become an indispensable instrument for any lover of
wine that wishes to preserve and age good bottles of which
he will be able to taste its evolution over the years. What pleasures in

To your cellars, get set, go!
Remember this: It is far better to drink a lot
good wines only a few bad ones. Although moderation has
better taste according to some.
Good tasting.

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